Champagne & Jewelry

Exclusive event between May 4th and May 13th

Are you looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift that will create a lasting memory?

Aynur loves to celebrate the beauty, elegance, and resilience of our female collective. For this reason, we are launching our Mother's Day special "Champagne & Jewelry" — the celebratory version of our "Coffee & Jewelry" session. 

Invite your loved one for jewelry shopping session with Aynur. Her expert eye for design and styling will help you find a jewel that perfectly captures your personal story and reflects your character. 

During the 90 minutes Champagne and Jewelry session with your mother, sister, colleague, or a friend, you will have Aynur advise you on a jewelry piece for each of you - a jewelry that will forever symbolize the special connection you share.

The Champagne and Jewelry includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Delicious sweets
  • Dermalogica Goodie Bag
  • Gold Pinky Ring*

*Valid with a purchase above €429 

This event is exclusively held for 2 persons, if you would like to book a personal, one-on-one session with Aynur instead, book our Coffee and Jewelry instead.