Goldsmith & 5 advantages of handmade jewelry

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The goldsmith's trade is one of the most beautiful crafts still practiced today. Unfortunately, this group of artisans is shrinking. This is due to the automated mass production and their competitive prices.

Many people choose cheaper options out of habit. But often they hardly realize the difference between a piece of jewelry made in a factory and a piece of jewelry made by a skilled goldsmith.

Aynur Abbott Fine Jewelry is a brand that consciously opts for the human touch. Not only because you can expect the best quality, but also because each piece of jewelry is unique.

5 advantages of jewelry made by goldsmiths:

  • Thanks to the goldsmiths in our beautiful workshop in Istanbul, your jewelry can be custom made.
  • It cultivates appreciation for the goldsmith's profession. We think it is important that this craft continues to exist. Especially now that the world is automating and many human professions are dying out.
  • Craft occupations - such as that of the goldsmith - increase local incomes, preserve ancient cultures and provide employment to people.

What are our goldsmiths doing in Istanbul, you might ask? They act as the ‘anchors’ of Aynur Abbott Fine Jewelry. Simply because they are able to transform Aynur's designs into physical jewels.

After designing, a silver mold is made in Istanbul. It functions like a prototype. At this point, there is still room for adjustments. If the final design is perfect, a new collection can be created.

Each piece of jewelry will be finished by hand by the goldsmiths. This includes sanding, polishing and making sure the fit is perfect. Aynur Abbott Fine Jewelry is unique because a lot of human labor is involved for each piece of jewelry. This traditional approach - in combination with the modern-classic look of the jewelry - is something you don't often see these days.

Hopefully you are a little wiser about the benefits of handmade jewelry and the fine craft of the goldsmith. Thanks for reading and looking forward to the next blog.

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