Preparing for creativity doesn't always involve intentional hunt for inspiration. I get inspired by my clients and their stories, my simple routines -enjoying a cup of coffee, or observing my surroundings on my daily walks. I don’t take notes, I just soak in the emotion.

As much as I am passionate about our design process, I put even a greater emphasis in our craftsmanship. 

"Craftsmanship is about the smallest of detalis, care and attention. It involves passion, patience and pride, that together create a powerful story - a story worth telling."

After I bring the sketches to my atelier in Istanbul we perfect the drawings into digital models. It takes several models before we settle on the final prototype which is then made into a mold. 

This mold is brought to the gold pourer and filled with either 8K or 14k solid gold. The "K" or the term "karat"; refers to a unit of measurement used to indicate the purity of gold. The higher the karat value, the greater the gold content and purity.

"An 8 karat gold piece contains 33.33% pure gold by weight and is mixed with other metals, such as copper or silver, to enhance its durability and hardness. 14 karat gold jewel contains 58.33% pure gold by weight and is also mixed with other metals."

After the artisan takes the raw jewel out of the mold, the finishing touch by hand begins. The cleaning, shaping and polishing, all are part of a long complex process which requires years of experience. 

We do not collaborate with huge factories nor use heavy machinery to produce our jewelry. We rely on the handmade and soulful approach which is time consuming and quite uncommon, but it is the very reason why Aynur Abbott can stand for honest craftsmanship and the highest quality.