Dear visitors,

Here are 20 fun facts to get to know me better

  1. I’m first a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend to many, and an entrepreneur
  2. One of my pet loves is giving people gifts
  3. Both my parents are Turkish and my birth place is Rijswijk in The Netherlands
  4. I'm especially loyal and protective to people that I care for, people that are close to me
  5. My career has always been an important focus for me, and because of this, I’ve always been driven and ambitious.
  6. I’ve got a real sweet tooth and my favourite lollies are a Dutch mixed bag of sweet liquorice & haribo
  7. I moved to Sydney when I was 23 and this is where I met Jay, my husband
  8. One of my absolute favourite things to do is get into a newly made up bed with fresh clean sheets
  9. Jay, my husband, is from New Zealand and is almost half Maori
  10. Our son Tane is fluent in Dutch & English and understands Turkish
  11. The hardest period in my life was when I lost my father
  12. My husband, close friends and mother in law, find me by far the hardest person in the world, possibly the universe (my husband words) to buy a birthday presents for
  13. I sometimes secretively eat lollies
  14. I love to sit in cafe’s with friends drinking creamy oat milk latte (or tea)
  15. Before starting my brand Aa Fine Jewelry, I was running a lifestyle webshop in Turkey and The Netherlands
  16. I once lied to my son Tane when I secretly followed him and his friend to school, when I told Tane he was old enough and ready to walk alone
  17. I have secret crushes on actors Kivanc Tatlitug (Turkish) & Michiel Huisman (Dutch)
  18. One of my favourite books is: What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey
  19. My two favourite colours are green and (yellow) gold of course
  20. I’m most proud of where my company is right now and I’m super excited about the possibilities of where we are going to take the company - shooting for the stars!