At some point last year, I began contemplating how to bring more of our Coffee and Jewelry experience into a digital environment. I host personal shopping sessions to assist women in finding jewelry that truly reflects both their internal values and personal style. These sessions are the perfect time to discover what fits you and what you feel most yourself wearing. They are a source of intriguing insights into the relatiuonship of women and their jewelry. Given the fact that we only have one studio and limited appointments available, I am excited to start sharing them with you regularly from now on. I hope to create a helpful tool, that will make selecting jewelry that much more easier and enjoyable, even in the online realm. This blog will offer a mix of practical and subjective advice that I have gathered and continued to collect over the years. Guiding you to discover your own jewelry “relationship”.

The moment this idea arose, I knew exactly what the first topic would be. Pinky rings not only represent Aynur Abbott as brand, but are also my personal signature. There's an edgy touch that only a pinky ring can create, and personally, I never leave the house without mine on.

How to choose the perfect pinky ring?

The one that defines you, is an epitome of your personality, and looks great on your hand type. Maybe you need a combination of two, but we will get to that later.

Let's dedicate this chapter to the practicalities. First, we need to understand the size options we are looking at. Based on the images below, one crucial measurement requires your consideration - the distance between your pinky knuckles. Generally speaking, the longer the distance, the bolder the pinky ring can be. Otherwise, a bold ring on a short finger may visually shrink the finger even more.