The most empowering effect of jewelry lies in how well it complements the wearer, both inside and out. This belief has driven me to create this styling guide in the first place. 

We have already established that knowing your personal style is essential to creating a jewelry collection that truly reflects your personality. In case you missed it, please visit our Perfect Match Guide, where we dive deeper into different style archetypes. 

I often encourage women to push their comfort boundaries to discover the full potential of their personal style. For instance, consider wearing earrings that make a statement or mix and match different styles to create a unique look.

It’s my personal observation, that women who come back, always come back for more, and bigger. A Coffee and Jewelry client of mine from 4 years ago came back recently, wearing the Gold Bubble Earring and made a shift to the Globe Earrings for daily wear. Another example is a shift from the Triple Black Diamond Studs, to Ribble Abundance Earrings.

There are 2 outtakes from this observation: Go a little bolder than you think you should. Earrings, especially because they sit so close to our face, can create a different perspective in our mind. This “too much” feeling disappears after a few wears. On the other hand, if you really prefer keeping it safer, start smaller and build it up to a more statement pieces with time. Another positive of the latter, is that you can always keep the two pairs and mix and match them together in your (possibly) other piercings.