It has been 4 years since I am hosting regular shopping sessions in our Amsterdam studio. I get to meet various women, share my honest jewelry advice with them and in return I get to know them better. This helps me create more versatile yet unique jewelry in the upcoming collections. I believe an essential part of the jewelry spirit lays in how a jewel suits its wearer; inside and out. That's why I have decided to create this styling guide in the first place.   

I do not like stereotyping, but I believe that knowing yourself and recognizing your personal style helps you to choose jewelry you will cherish for years to come. Our jewelry is made with care and precision, by the hands of a jewelry master, not by a heavy machine in a batch of a thousand pieces. Each piece has sentimental value from the beginning, and we are trying to reinforce it by advising you on the right piece that will match your core identity, avoiding temporary trends influencing your jewelry-relationship.

Aynur Abbott jewelry is made to elevate you; each jewel in our collection is made to be an extension of your true identity, worn from day to night, daily. While our main vision as a brand is to inspire and empower, we are not playing it safe, and we continuously try to challenge you to be a bit more daring.

In my own experience, I always advise women to move their comfort boundaries further and choose for pieces in their own style but enhance them a little, for example, by placing rings on their index or middle finger, instead of playing it safe on the classic ring finger. 

Choose your character, find your ring. That's why we have curated a simple list of 3 "personas", that reflects our existing customers and their style identity to help you get one step closer to your new jewel. 



Your wardrobe is built up from carefully thought-through clothing items in high-quality materials and timeless shapes. You are not easily influenced by current fashion trends when putting together an outfit. You like to save time in the morning, but always look put together. Well-coordinated and grounded looks are your preference over bright colors and prints, but occasionally, you give them a chance. The jewelry and accessories you select enhance your attire without dominating the look, maintaining a balance that complements your classic sense of style.

Discover an Aynur Abbott jewel that will enhance your effortless elegance, grace, and simplicity.


Wear on your ring finger for a classic look. Wear on your index finger for a little extra attention.

Style on a middle/index finger.

Perfect combination for the pinky ring.



This is one of the persona types that changes and evolves along with the trends. Not to say you per se follow every trend and shop impulsively, but you take passion in putting together a look and enjoy the process of styling it. You like to stand out, you enjoy the compliments and grabbing attention is not foreign to you. Maybe you work in a creative environment, and your style is your trade mark?

Discover the bold and sculptural Aynur Abbott jewelry.


Wear on your index finger.

Style on a middle finger.

Perfect combination for the pinky ring.



Do you find yourself somewhere in between the previous paragraphs? You might be playing it safe when it comes to clothing but you like your jewelry to speak in volumes? Or the opposite, your style is pretty distinctive and you are looking for a complementing piece that will add a little something extra but is not too overpowering? The Nordic women are known for their intricate taste. They are not afraid mix together essentials they own for decades, with trendy pieces and vintage finds. The modern notion of minimalism falsely taught us that everything has to be white, black or neutrally colored, ideally in a strictly functional shape. Well, the nordic minimalism represents a feeling, not an aesthetic. Minimalism is a very personal journey, a tool to helps us identify and pursue what we truly care about.

Discover Aynur Abbott jewels that will become meaningful heirlooms.


Wear on your index/ring finger.

Style on a middle finger.

Perfect combination for the pinky ring.