8 Karat Gold

Every one of our pieces is handcrafted from 8 & 14 karat gold. Dating back to ancient times, gold, beauty, and power have effortlessly gone hand in hand. Among the oldest civilizations, this fascinating material was made into shrines and idols, and of course, used as the richest adornment for beloved women, gods, and rulers.

Naturally a symbol of wealth, gold evokes an empowering allure that seamlessly brings out confidence and beauty, which embodies how we strive to make women feel. Apart from its aesthetic values, it’s a natural material that has and will last the test of time, ensuring our pieces seamlessly see you through the daily hustle and bustle of the woman-on-the-go without compromising on style.

8 karat gold is a blend of 33.3% parts pure gold and 66% is a mix of copper and silver. It is nickel-free. We finish each piece with 1 additional micron of gold as a protective layer to help prevent the usual wear and tear that jewelry endures from being worn on a day-to-day basis.