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I think it’s such a shame when I hear stories about golden rings collecting dust inside a drawer. Because jewels are designed to be cherished and worn. Some daily, some on special occasions. Most importantly, you have to feel an inner spark of happiness putting the ring on, after months and years. 

I want to put in all effort to contribute to a more sustainable way of retailing. Therefore we provide a circular service.

This service allows you to donate your pre-loved Aynur Abbott ring. We will do everything within our power to bring new life to it and find it a new owner. 

I want to show my sincere gratitude to all women who want to be part of this circular system. Your contribution truly helps increase our collective awareness about sustainable consumption.

After your generous contribution, we won't leave you empty-handed. We will offer you an AA credit. This allows you to purchase a brand new design and enjoy a special discount.

Would you like to know more about the conditions to apply? Please leave us an email at