Aynur was born and raised in the Netherlands, but her parents regularly took her to their country of origin, Turkey. She grew up captivated by the deep cultural sentiment for gold. 

Ever since the merchants pioneered the use of gold coins in ancient Lydia, gold has been embedded in Turkish culture. It not only plays an important economic role, it holds a deeply rooted sentimental value in weddings and other aspects of cultural life.

"I hold the tradition of giving gold at high points in life very dear," said Aynur. "It carries both emotional and practical value; gold is an investment that retains its worth. It can provide security for you and future generations. Many Turkish people invest in a gold coin every month, following this tradition. As a tribute to this heritage, you will find references to the gold coin in my designs."

Overwhelmed by the positive feedback she received, she designed the Has necklace. 'Has' also translates as 'pure' and is often used to signify high-quality gold. The necklace is now cherished by many of our customers and holds a valuable place in our permanent collection.

In this personal and heartfelt manner, Aynur weaves her own experiences and connections into her jewelry designs, infusing them with deep meaning and creating pieces that resonate with other like-minded women.