Having left behind a background in the publishing industry to focus on building my own fashion e-commerce business, I soon realized that what I felt was missing for a woman like me would quickly become my greatest passion and drive. Designing and crafting fine jewelry that feels easy, yet personal and long-lasting became my primary focus, and so my label started to take form. 

What I strive to do is infuse women with a feeling of empowerment and true elegance by concentrating on everyday luxury.

I do this by creating versatile, refined golden pieces with the intention to accessorize and ultimately complete the stylish woman on the go.

Placing attainable luxury into the forefront, every Aynur Abbott piece is sculpted exclusively from 8 & 14 karat gold, using the most exceptional level of craftsmanship, with every piece finished off by hand. Many of my pieces take notes from traditional heirlooms and styles that date back to past eras for an elegant feel that’s reinvented with an avant-garde touch.

I see the Aynur Abbott woman as a sophisticated, feminine, go-getter who is as inspiringly ambitious as she is effortlessly glamorous. Her jewelry is an extension of herself; emulating confidence, beauty and a lightness of being. She rarely takes her key pieces off, mixing and matching them to her liking, but always staying true to herself.

X Aynur